25 – Kids and Food!


Episode 25 - Kids and Food! This week we take a look at that most precarious part of parenting... GETTING KIDS TO FREAKING EAT FOOD!! We are not going to [...]

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24 – Business Guru Mark Tenney!


Episode 24 - Mark Tenney Interview! Business guru Mark Tenney joins us this week to talk about the companies he runs helping churches and small businesses improve their web presence [...]

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20 – Dad-erhood!


Episode 20 - Dad-erhood! This weeks episode we take a break from discussing tech and gadgets to talk about some personal things going on in our lives and to make [...]

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18 – Smart Appliances!


Episode 18 - Smart Appliances! This week we visit a topic we didnt get to in our June Home Automation Month, Smart Appliances! Bust out your wallets as these ones [...]

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